What is, just is.

Don't you know, my hearts already broken.

you can't do anymore damage to me

Don't get me wrong - I'm living life

But why now, try and talk to me?

You didn't care a year ago

Where I was, or what I did.

And suddenly you've thirst to know

Who i'm with and how I live.

Is it cause

I'm out of reach

That now you want to hold me

And is it cause

My phone don't ring

That now you want to call me.

The dream is over, I know it is.

You don't need to patronise.

Everything you say sounds like excuse

But i'm never flattered by your lies.

you treated me like a lost little lamb

well don't get me wrong- I'm sensitive

But just because I'm alone inside

Don't mean it's you i want to be with

How curtious

you offer peace

In the form of a drink in town

One eye on your watch

well I'm not dumb

There's plenty of you around

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I absolutly love this =.]

I absolutly love this =.]

~ Tinyy