My life sentence

Honey I wonder, why I don’t sleep anymore

Honey I wonder, why I don’t eat

And I wonder when this whirl wind is gonna die down

I wonder when I’m gunna be free,

I’d pray if I had enough faith

And I’d respond if I had the passion

I’d hate you if I had the conviction

If I had strength

I would love myself.

So honey I don’t wonder anymore

I don’t dream on falling star’s.

And I accept that you are gone.

And that I will never know where you are

What you’re doing or who you’re with

It’s a sentence in which I have to live

To wake up every morning

Without your kiss

Darling it’s such a mess.

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Bryan Adam Tomimbang's picture

That's love for ya sometimes. Yearning for someone deeply is like a painful thorn in the heart; so much that the only thing left is to move on forward. :*(