Life without faith

I’m growing up

I’m moving on

I don’t believe that I’m weak

And I don’t believe that I’m strong.

All I believe in is that life goes on.

And all that’s beneath me

Is the earth I’m stood on

I’m not caught up anymore

In what they all adore

I’m done with the pettiness

That shackled me before

All the goals and the standards

They become such a bore

When trying to be yourself

Becomes somewhat of a chore.

And this is reaction to action

Cause once, I was easily hurt

Now I’m swatting their insults just like they were flies.

And I’m wadding my way through the dirt.

There’s nothing on the other side

There’s no light at the end of my tunnel

But when fear is replaced with apathy

You stop trying to avoid the struggle.

I’m growing up baby..

..I’m moving on.

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