Oh darling I fear

that my sparkle has gone

That I’ve always been weak

Where I thought i was strong

That I am just an island,

On an earth i don’t belong.

And everything I thought was right

Has always just been wrong.


And darling I hear

That you’ve fallen for  another,

That she is like the desert

And you are like the oceane,

That she is like an idea,

Where I was just a notion

And I have ruled your body

But she has your emotion.


So darling, Please know-

In the shadow of my heart

Whenever theres a finish line

Another chapter starts,

But still i can’t help wishing-

That you’d take me in your arms,

And promise me just one more time

That light will come to dark.

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This is really good!!! Wow you are amazing, good work keep it up ok?!:3

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thank u

Means a lot to me x 

please read my poems, and enjoy the real-life drama that is my life!