Allah VS Jesus

I believe Jesus is God. The God of the Bible. Allah is the God of Islam. Lots of people claim they're the same God... but are they really?

Let's take a look...

The God of the bible is a loving, personal God who is not far away, who is not distant from His people. (He lives inside them after all!)

Allah is distant and impersonal... do muslims have a personal relationship with Allah? Do they see Allah as their best friend? Or is he just this "big silent ruler in the sky" demanding to be revered but never interacting with them at all?

Of course the God of the Bible wants us to revere him, but he mainly asks that we love him, only because he's crazy about us and wants us to know him personally, intimately, and to experience his love and grace.

Can muslims have a conversation with Allah, both talking to him and "hearing" him respond back?

What else?

The Christian God came and died for us.

The Islamic God tells us to die for him.

How can they both be the same, if they are in clear contradiction with one another?

Islam teaches that Jesus was a mere prophet.

But Christianity teaches he was much more than a prophet - He is God and He alone is our Savior...

I admit, I don't know everything about Islam and I don't hate muslims or anything... but Allah and the Christian God (Jesus) cannot be the same...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is not meant to offend... if you are muslim and have a different opinion, please feel free to share it with me

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I found your piece exceptionally interesting...

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Naomi, with all due respect, your thinking causes war

And why would people think that the God of the Old Testament
is a loving God.... drowning people in a flood etc etc