I wonder

if mental illness

runs in my family

or are we just


define dysfunctional…

in this modern day

everything is dysfunctional

so in other words,

my family is normal

my father was an alcoholic

my father’s father

was an alcoholic

and my father’s father’s father

was an alcoholic

will my brothers be alcoholics too?

on both sides of my family

criticism and emotional distance


maybe it has something

to do with where we came from

nobody really knows for sure

some European countries

our blood is just tainted…

instead of


we’re divided by

daily competitions

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justme4him's picture

it't the cry of every alienated soul that wonders whether he is lost in confusion and corruption or the world aroud him, i can relate to this poem andits really good.
thank God we have Jesus our, harbour to give us rest in storms and direction.
Love in Him

Amber Levering's picture

hey, this is amber, you read some of my poems on soccor_0150, and thank you for commenting, but anyway, i loved this poem, i can relate in a sense because my dad is an alcoholic which makes me wonder if one of my brothers will be cause he live there now, but anyway very good job