goodbye, so-called 'friend'

it never stops

they keep coming

and they keep going

through my life

in and out

they jab the knife

and deeper and deeper

the wounds seems to sprout

each time

is worse than the last

why must I relive

the pain of my past?

I struggle, I try

to make close friends

yet over and over and over again

they make me die, my tears run dry

they always leave

stabbing me in the back with all their might

I thought this time was different

surely it was different, right?

you treat me like

a pathetic fool

was I not cool

enough for you?

I did you no wrong

yet out of the blue

you say so long

and just like that - it's the last of you

you won't bring me down

you won't make me drown

I will not shed a tear over you

I refuse to cry

I have nothing to say to you

just goodbye

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this needs editing

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