I've searched far and wide (for a true friend)

I've searched far and wide

for a friend I could confide


but everyone I try to love

focuses only on my sin

I'm not perfect I won't argue

but could I find

one, who

accepts me in spite

of my issues?

how many friends

will I have to lose?

this bitter trend

adds salt to my

pre-existing wounds

will I ever meet somebody

who won't

give up

on me?

who won't constantly reprimand me

or abandon me?

is this just the way

my life's road was paved?

to be all alone

to be on my own?

there's no way of knowing

how long this pain will keep flowing

will my loneliness ever stop growing?

I've searched far and wide

but failed to see

the faithful friend

standing right next to me

Forgive me God

I second guessed what was true

that friend I've always search for

just happens to be You

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i've always had trouble making & keeping friends my whole life, even to this day, i've had many "friends" turn around and stab me in the heart... and i've never understood why this has been something i've had to deal w/ my whole life... i know i have problems and issues, as everyone does, but it seems like people only focus on the negative side of me and always assume my intentions were evil whenever i made mistakes. i've always tried to assume the best in people.. why do people always assume the worst of me and that I actually want to hurt them? it is so not true... i try to love in the best way i know how to...
but anyway, I'm learning that God is my only true friend... I can search all I want to in this world, but ultimately in the end, God is the only one who won't abandon me or give up on me when i screw up. He loves me and is patient with me in spite of my problems..
this poem might need some editing later...

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justme4him's picture

Hello Naomi, I thank you for your critique. it really blessed me, now that i read your poem I see you have the same struggles as me, don't be that down-hearted we never get to please everyone. Keep gloryfying the Lord and please HIM,
P.S. and if it happens that all your friends are fleeing away, lemmi just be the one, here on earth :))
Love Sabina

skyland's picture

I will definitely say amen to your poem. God showed me the same thing. One of the false belief systems is that we must be approved by certain others to feel good about ourselves. It is so awesome to realize that we are totally accepted by God no matter how others perceive us. Colossians 1:21-22 He truly is the one person we can count on.
Have really enjoyed reading your poems. Keep up the good work. You have quite an anointing there.

Thank you for the critique on The Truth That Sets You Free. God bless you!