God Hates the Fakes

There's a cry deep inside

the pits of my soul

I cannot seem to hide

This gaping hole

My heart it aches

For Christ to fill

God hates the fakes

I just want to be real

I live in a world so plastic

It sickens me, but I conform to its ways

Christ changed my life so drastic

I want to live for Him, despite what anyone says

People think I'm weird

But they don't understand

What happened that night the angels cheered

When God touched me with His hand

He breathed life into me

and healed me of my depression

He revealed His glory

Set me free from oppression

and now that I've immerged

from life's darkened cave

i feel that God has urged

me to tell you He can save

so many people claim

that they are so unique

but in fact they're all the same

society makes them weak

But even I find difficulty

in trying to be real

I know my true identity

through Christ is revealed

But this world gets me caught

caught up in its hypocrisy

I'm so sick of being someone I'm not

only my Creator can say who I was meant to be

No longer will I follow the crowd

No longer will I allow myself to be conformed

To my Savior I have vowed

By His power to let myself be transformed.

Because God didn't design me

to be like everyone else

He created my individuality

He wired me to be myself

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I used to think that Christians were all the same and that they didn't have a mind of they're own... but after Jesus came into my life I realized as time went on that Christians (true christians) are the only people in the world who actually have a mind of their own and can think for themselves. I've seen so many people, including myself conform to the pattern of this world... but God did not command us to conform, but called us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.
Every one in the world seems to searching for their identity and trying  so hard to be "real." Only the God who created you can tell you who were meant to be.
God made the freaks...and he made the geeks.

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Chelsea N.'s picture

Thanks for critiquing my poem "Hypocrite"! I took up your advice and came to read "God Hates The Fakes" (Obviously :P )I loved it! It is so true how everyone conforms to this world. It saddens me every time I see it. I love that verse, I try remember it all the time! You did an amazing job! I love your note on the end "God made the freaks...And God made the geeks..." That was awesome of you to say that!

Heather Ewoldsen White's picture

Well written and wonderful.