Rebellious Heart

rebellious heart

torn apart

twisted in pieces

over my Jesus

I can't control the madness

or the sadness

burning, churning

deep within; my sins

have overtaken me

I can't see

where to go, or how to get out

my voice attempts a shout,

but frustration boils out

tempted to hide

I can't confide in anyone

I want to run

but my feet won't retreat

I can feel the seal

of the Holy Ghost on my soul

fighting with God only digs a deeper hole

I want to get away

but I also want to stay

I need His help,

but my flesh yelps

for the darkness of the world

my mind is twirled

in a delusion

of confusion

and the refusing of God's commands

I fear His reprimands

I can't rebel, I can't obey

I'm dizzy with dissarray

my heart grows bitter

I'm beginning to wither

no one else sees the battle


I'm rattled in rebellion.

Lord, I need Your light

but I might

cower in a cave

I need someone to save

me from the folly of my pride

my flesh and soul collide.

I have a rebellious heart

and it's tearing me apart

the fog

has bogged me down

I feel like I'm starting to drown

I'm suffocating

by this excruciating


I'm tripping, I'm slipping

I'm sensing the enemy's dart

I feel so estranged,

Lord, change my rebellious heart.

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justme4him's picture

this poems talks about me too, i see htis heart in me so often,i want flee away from GOD and yes i want him more, its this fight in me to obey him and not to obey him.
Thank you so much for you comments on my birthday poem it was the perfect gift i had on my birthday, you really surprised me. Thank you Naomi,
Sand firm and press on,
your fellow runner, Sabina