Jealous Lover

Bring me my tired, weak heart to amend

Everlasting peace that will never end

Draw me up closer to the stars in the sky

Behold; my Jealous Lover, my Creator Most High

Soothe my deepest wounds, drown out this polluted life

Heal my broken spirit, pierced from Belial's knife

Oh, Jealous Savior who by the cross set me free

You went to Your death to be with me

Destroy my idols which create hindrances between us

Hold me safely in Your arms, my Lord, my Jealous Jesus.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I call this poem Jealous Lover because our God is a Jealous God. He is the one that created us along with the heavens and the earth. He wants to be the center of our attention not just because He made us but because He adores us. He desperately longs to have a relationship with us... even though He knows everything about us, He loves us so much that He wants to hear from us... even things as tedious as what we ate for breakfast. Jesus died so we could have that connection with God, because before the priests had to do all this weird ceremony stuff in the temples and only certain people were allowed in the Holy places, but when Jesus died the thick veil between the synagogue and the most holy place was torn, symbolizing the new way to reach God. Because of Jesus we can now go straight to God in our prayers and not through some priest or what not.

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justme4him's picture

Wooow Naomi, this is terrific, all the worshipping poems just make me bow and revere Christ, and this is one os the most precious to me,
thank you for sharring it to me

Chelsea N.'s picture

This is an amazing write!
It is AWESOME that you seek to love Jesus and realize how much He adores us! Too often I see people who say they are christians, yet have no life in their relationship with Christ! Once we experience true fellowship with God, it is IMPOSSIBLE to find peace and joy in anything else! Even if for some silly reason we try!

I love this write it is very encouraging to me right now! Thanks!