Let Your Spirit Guide Me

Walking through the flames; I will not be ashamed.

I will stand in the fire, If it'll strengthen my desire

I only want to find You, but the ashes have clouded my view

to the point where I cannot see, so let Your Spirit guide me

You know the tears I've cried, when my heart's passion died

You moved deeper into my soul, But I fell into the hole

I thought that You had turned away, because You felt so distant when I'd pray

But You only wanted to take me deeper, down a path that seemed much steeper

You knew it'd be more exciting, But I resisted since it looked so frightening

Yet it was exactly what I prayed for; To become like You more and more

I had to walk the valley to reach that Holy Mountain; And drink from Your living water that poured as a fountain

And now I understand, so take my desperate hand

Lead me to Your eternal love, Hidden in heaven above

Take me deeper, take me higher, It is my heart's desire

It's exactly where I've longed to be, so let Your spirit guide me.

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Chris No's picture

This type of poem isn't really my thing, as I'm not a religious person.

But I thought this poem was wonderful.