Where I fit in

Shallow heart

busy mind

not enough time

to talk with God

apathetic soul

empty life

creeping strife

into my home

where does it end?

How far shall I go?

When I have no idea

where this tunnel will end...

I’m lost in the cave

no escape from the dark

only Christ can save me now

I gotta build me an ark

but without any supplies

I’m helpless

if only I could move my feet

my eyes are blinded with deceit

I open my mouth

but all I can do is wheeze

this pride spreads like a disease

in desperation I cry out

to the only One

who will respond

to my shout...

So changing ways

turning around

leaving the sinful daze

that’s kept me bound

I run to the hill

and see His face

covered with dirt,

with blood

with grace...

The scales peel off

my dried out eyes,

as I watch and see

my eternal destiny

wrapped around a tree

my heart is softened

with remorse and pain

as I gaze at the man who

bears my shame

He took the blame

without hesitating

and endured the sting

of the Father’s wrath

while creating a path

for people like me,

like you to come home

to a place we’ve never known

for when we were born

into this wretched world

we were stripped and torn

from our loving Father in Heaven

satan, sin kidnapped us from our


who lives in God’s Holy City

God came to find us

His precious children

He even went to His death

to get us back...

I knew there was something

that I lacked

as I roamed through

this journey of life

trying to figure out

where I fit in...

Now we can know, now I understand

where it is that we

are meant to be

With the One True King,

for all eternity

with Jesus; my Lord my Creator

my refuge my shelter,

With God is where I belong

Where we all belong..

In His Holy presence is

the only place

where we can truly fit in

and find peace, and joy,

acceptance with no end...

I may be an outcast to the world

but to God I am a jewel worth dying for.

And if He can give

His life for me

I will give up this world

to be with Him.

Because Heaven

is where I fit in.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Jesus died so we might live
you don't have to only wish
that heaven is the result of faith in Him who made it
if they hadn't beat my Jesus, and stuck that thorny crown
He would have sprinted to that cross of pain
to have Himself nailed down
the answer lies to the One who stands on high
~GS Megaphone

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