The God I serve is both loving and true

To say that He's deliberately hurting our nation is simply a lie.

How could a loving God allow tragedies to happen is the wrong question to ask.

How many years have we rejected His love, spit in his face and mocked at His sovereignty?

How many times have we tried to justify our own wickedness by saying it's all God's fault?

How many excuses have we come up with to ignore our Creator so we could live our own lives?

The question to ask is... How many centuries has God put up with our prideful hypocritical ways, our insolence and our sin?

He could have destroyed us immediately but because He loved us, he waits patiently for us, to come to our senses... He sat back for thousands of years crying the tears that were dry in our cold bitter hearts.

He waited humbly, taking our insults and our descrepancies, He even sent His only Son to die for us and yet we still blame Him for our pain.

Mankind is selfish. God will not sit idly by forever... there is coming a day of Judgement. Where will you stand? With Jesus? Or without Him?

Not once will I blame God for the evil in this world.

Not once will I blame Him for the diseases and the violence, the prejudice or the racist, not once will I blame Him for the terrorist attacks or the hatred in our souls.

No, I don't blame God for anything.

I blame YOU, I blame myself, I blame the entire human race.

We did this to ourselves.

We thought we could push God out and make up our own lives, our own fate.

Well, look what our world has become.

Look how we've destroyed the peace.



We got away with our rebellion for a while...

but the wrath of God is beginning to pour...

And soon it will come down like a flood

And who can you blame then? When you're suffering in the deep?

The very thing you hate is the one thing that can set you free.

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mar's picture

I disagree with this poem. I don't know but I am not agreeing. Hmmm. The poem is great. But, I don't agree with the point. That much. Maybe half, but not the ohter. Hehehehe. Still good poem.
Have a nice and beautiful life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~My Best Wishes~