The apple of His eye

Desperately calling

I'm falling

down into the lion pit

where day and night

the evil spit

the eternally lost

are paying the cost

they did not accept

what God had done

the day He sent His only Son

This place is crowded...

My mind is clouded

The world cries; in need

Somehow I escaped the lies;

I watched an innocent man bleed

And I did not understand

When He rose and took my hand

He led me to a different place

I had never seen a more beautiful face

My life has never been the same

the night they came

to me in a dream

it doesn't seem real

But no doubt I can feel

the indescribable joy

the peace that vibrates through my soul

purifying me whole

This Savior of mine

His eyes so Divine

His face full of love, compassion, concern

He lifts me higher

so many things I must learn

I did not earn; this grace, this mercy

But despite all my objections

He doesn't let go

but the higher we fly, the tighter His grip grows

He kisses my forehead with His lip

He's the lover I never had

Faithful and True

And on and on we flew...

He keeps a bottle to hold my tears

He draws me close to calm my fears

He remembers every word I say

He cherishes all the times I pray

We are the apple of His eye...

Unimaginable beauty, is how He sees us

And as He showed me the sky I asked His name,

and His reply?


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