How much?

How much do You love me?

How much do You care?

How much grace and mercy,

do You have to spare?

How many times will I fall to my knees

To seek Your face in moments of need?

If I collapse to the floor

Will you open a door,

So I can enter the safety of Your sanctuary?

How much forgiveness

Can You bestow onto me?

An imperfect being full of atrocity…

By my sinful nature I lust for all the wrong things

But my heart and soul yearn for the righteousness You bring

I'll never understand how much suffering You endured

While dying on the cross so I could be cured...

I'm trapped in this deteriorating body

Separated from the One I love

How much longer will I have to wait

Before I'm rising up above

To meet this Savior

That I spend each night alone with

How much longer must I wait

Before I'm held in His loving embrace

How much longer do I have to wait

Before I see Him face to face

How much longer will it be?

I want to meet Him who set me free

I want to see Him who gave me life

I want to touch Him who filled me with joy

I want to worship Him who chose me

before He laid the foundations of the earth

Because there's no way to explain

How much He's truly worth...

How much longer will it be

Before YOU see Him standing there?

Waiting to show you a piece of Heaven

That He's praying and longing just to share

How much longer will you reject

your loving Creator?

How much deception and lies

will you allow into your heart?

How much of the Truth will you ignore?

Trust in Him, and His love and peace He will impart

And His presence from you will never depart

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