Time (under its control)

The clock ticks away the time

Leaving you to the rush.

What is "time" yet our immoral enemy?

Another leader brainwashing our thoughts

It controls us; our lives, makes up our minds.

Without time the world would be in total chaos.

Rush hour 24 hours a day.

People would be everywhere at once.

No boundaries

To me, time is fraudulent, a non-existent icon.

Everyday is just another, every hour is midnight.

The moment where days split into different ones

I've been sitting here for quite a while now

Watching the second hand move its way around the lives of many

Grinning at me as if to say, "I own you."

What will become of me?

Just as I was about to carry on, I noticed the clock stopped.

It remained still for half an hour, until I realized time had ceased.

The hypocrite in me freaked out. I must know what time it is.

It was true then…time has me under its control.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i think i was having one of them "conspiracy theory" attacks...

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justme4him's picture

lovely poem.
i like it so,
thank God we are anchored outside time.
keep on this great work