Whispers in the wind

~13~ Love and Loss

On my swing-set, I watch the stars pass me by

The breeze carries me back and forth

With each breath that I cry your name the wind pushes me stronger

My tears slowly fall to the Earth and soak into the soil

I gaze deeply into the moon, mesmerized by its extraordinary beauty.

I sigh in despair, "oh why did the air have to drift us apart…

Why did the sun's rays have to blind our love?

Could the only fresh flower bring us to our senses?"

Closing my eyes, I dream of the night

That we first experienced the magic of our affection.

I hear the whispers in the night, hissing your name.

I can't take it any longer, I scream to the top of my lungs,

"Oh where are you my love? Why do you stay silent?

I cry every night in hopes of your return but I only get cold by the frigid empty air."

The gust of wind blows violently around me, and flings me out of the swing.

Lying in the dirt, I moan with sorrow… "Please… oh please, call out to me, without you my body is nothing but an empty shell.

My soul awaits at the end of the skies. For you, and only you."

Nearby a twig snaps, I jerk my head up.

A being stands in the shadows, and I blink to see, my eyes are still full with tears.

I'm drawn closer to this stranger… I take a hold of his outreached hand.

I experience a feeling, I forgot years ago, I see all the glory that I lost years ago.

In a trance of spinning around, my love and I float to the stars together, and we never let go again

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