Can't you see me crying down on hell?

Lying in this filthy grave

Dirt in my eyes, insects on my rotted skin

My soul floats next to my carcass

Hanging on a thread of hair

Wishing it could leave the grief

But too afraid to sleep on needles

Can't you hear the sound of the church bell?

Calling everyone's attention to the man

The man who explains my life,

And proudly tells about my journeys.

Few of the heads slowly rise

And he opens his mouth to speak

He inhales deeply pulling my soul with his inhaling breath

Ears wait to listen... but

Blankly he stares with a confused look

Shutting his eyes and disappearing with me

Tears drown the heavens but not the earth

Can't you see the horses flying in the air?

Kicking me out of the clouds

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i just found this poem i wrote a while back i have no idea whats its about and i'm not even sure its finished.

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