Remember our friendship?

~13~ Love and Loss

Remember when we met and we clicked right away

Remember how we were inseparable every single day?

And do you remember what we've been through all those great years

Together we experienced life and laughter and shared each others tears

I remember the first time I visited your home

I remember how, at your house, I never felt alone

And I remember how your family was so very kind to me

Through my eyes I saw them as my very own family

I could never understand, why you were always so sad

What about your life was really all that bad?

I admit I was jealous, for you had what I desired…A family, a safe environment

You had the love, and the holidays with your family, you spent

My house was always cold, and always filled with hate

I couldn’t go home without fearing I could be my Dad's next bait

Because I came home to a beating every single night,

Whether it was my moms, my brother's or mine

No matter who it was, there was always a fight.

School wasn't fun either, I was harassed by everyone

No place was safe, school or home, neither one was any fun

I could only go to you, to get relief and guidance

But you stopped listening; you shut me up with your own stupid rants

I listened to you anyway, and tried to help you out

But you didn’t listen to that either, you continued to pout

Through all my grief and pain, I still tried to get you to see

That there was more to life than crap and misery

When you started making bad decisions everyone tried to warn you

But you got angry with only me and said to let you do what you wanted to do

So I tried to back down for a while, but I couldn't stand to see you get hurt by a dunce

You asked me why couldn't I just let you be happy for once

You shut me out of your life completely like I was never even there

I just wanted to see you happy, but you didn't really care

Remember all the bad times, and how we made up in the ends

Remember when we thought we'd always be friends

I guess you don't since now I'm just a fade in your fragile memory

Well, I remember it all and I miss what we used to be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is about an old best friend that decided she was "too good for me" in High school and pushed me out of her life...

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no words. perfect.