don't turn out the light (encouragement to all the Christians out there)

I looked out my window

And saw what I saw

A hurting world

Crumpled and raw

Saddened and lost

Burdened and bossed

Bossed around by

An invisible beast

That lurks to feast

Feast on their souls

Until they die

Tears fall down

As they cry

Cry out for someone

To rescue them

From the pain and loneliness

That weakens their bodies

Slowly rotting

And knotting up

The truth that lies

So close to their skin

Because in the end

That truth is

The only thing

That will set them free

I'm yearning to shout

"There's a way out!

Let Jesus in your heart

And from this world

You can depart"

But none will listen

None will hear

That the time is coming

The time is near

He loves them so

He won't let go

But they turn around

They look away

They cannot see

He's the only way

My soul is aching

That they have no hope

My heart is breaking

It's hard to cope

If only they knew

What Jesus could do

What He DID for them

He died for them

He cried for them

Took nails to His hands

His feet, His heart

Propped up on a cross

In shame

And yet no one understands

Not even I

How great His love is and why

Why He died, for a wretch like me;

Like us?

Oh Jesus, Jesus

Show them Your light

Show them Your sight

Show how You love them

With all Your might

Give them the hope

You filled me with

Reveal to them

That You aren't some myth

I wish they could see

I pray they would know

How wonderful You are

And what You mean to me

That all You want

Is their love

Their friendship

Their life

Their courtship

I look out my window

And see what I see

A girl rising up

She looks just like me

Stepping forth

She reaches up

Noticing the light

Coming from behind my blinds

She grabs the hand of God above

And lifted to the sky

She experiences His love

I look out my window

See millions more

One got saved, there's still hope for

For the whole world...

(Christians don't give up...

The world sees your window

In the darkness they see that glow

So don't turn out the light

pull back the curtains and shine bright)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

so many Christians avoid evangelizing because they think it doesn't do any good...but it does. whether you feel it or not, the world sees the light Jesus has put in you, so dont be afraid and close the curtains... even though millions are watching, one might be saved. the bible says it only takes one person to get saved and all the angels rejoice...(Luke 15:10)  thats how much God loves us all that He throws a party in Heaven every time a person comes to repentance... and we (Christians) are put on this earth for the very purpose of leading people to Christ... don't let the devil weaken your impact on this world. We serve a big God, don't belittle Him...

Just my 2cents...please dont be offended we need to rise up. there are alot of hurting people out there in dire need of Jesus...

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anastazia's picture

Naomi, this really, really blessed & ministered to me, & reminded me that He leaves us here for a bring as many souls with us as possible, when we finally get to go home!
I really enjoy your writing style, your way of expressing your passion & zeal for the lost! Your fluidity & rythm with words & prhrases are a joy to read, to the point, clear, & powerful...I'm looking forward to reading more of your writing, (when i get more time online!) & have really enjoyed all I've read so far!
You have a gift, & I'm glad you're using it to further the Kingdom, & especially to edify the body of Christ...{...a much needed blessing i, too, feel called to...)
...I also greatly enjoyed your testimony, on your Bio page (though i had to hi-light it to be able to read the first words in each row on the left...)
Thanks for sharing,
& for allowing the Lord
to use you as He obviously Has, & does!

justme4him's picture

Hey Nome, this is so challenging for me, it challenges me to shout it out: "I love Jesus cuz He first loved me". Thank you so much for this poem.. God really uses you to call me to his harvest.
Stay blessed,
Love in Christ,