Reach the lost

Walking down the neighborhood street with a bible in my hand

Folks stare at my appearance and others at my Christian wristband

There's no sense in hiding, there's no sense in shame

I will not be afraid to sing out loud the Lord Jesus' name

Searching for a place to sit… either the benches or the swings

I come across a little girl who needs to know what Jesus brings

Heading towards the girl, heading for my fate

My only prayer is that, it will not be too late

The parents gasp in shock as they see what I'm about to do

Taking their own by the hands, they leave the scene in quite a shoo

But I will not be hesitant, I'll be bold at any cost

My only purpose here on earth is to reach the lost

Humming delightfully to herself, the girl lifts up her head

Smiling politely, I peered into her lovely eyes and this is what I said,

"Do you mind if I sit down, mind you if I join?"

Then sadly she replied, "If you get involved, your life I'll ruin."

I blinked a minute or two, in complete and utter disbelief

And then I noticed in the crowd, some muttered, "She's a thief."

A little tear rolled down her cheek and she got up to leave

But I took her by the hand and gently tugged her sleeve

I turned her body to face mine, stroking her matted hair

I faced the mocking crowd and shouted without care,

"You should be ashamed, you should be with guilt,

For with His majestic hands, this precious girl God built."

So I took the homeless girl with me, took her to my home

Where by law she became my daughter never again to be alone

Later realized how big God is, she realized His absolute affection

And now because of me, she's gone today to be with Him.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem exemplifies the relationship Jesus has towards us...
He comes to us when everyone else throws us aside..and He takes us home...

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