We are but Sheep

We are but sheep who have ignorantly gone astray

and we need Your guiding light to illuminate the Way

We always cry out in desperate need

when by the barbed wire we start to bleed

We try to leave the pasture that You have made for us

The fences keep us safe but we always make a fuss

We wail and we wail until You let us go free

And when the wolves attack we wonder why You didn't provide us safety

We always question Your motives when Your love gives us free will

We make all the wrong decisions based off of what we feel

We make the choice to run deep into the wild

Though it leaves us torn and defiled

We are but sheep and at times need to be broken

We need to obey so we'll know when You've spoken

Like sheep we become naked by the shears

We need a loving Shepherd to deviate our fears

And as a loving Shepherd should You keep watch on us day and night

You keep away the predators that lurk around to fight

And we are but sheep for which Your life You laid down

And as we follow Your voice, we will receive that blessed crown.

And from everything we sow, in eternity we will reap

And when we make mistakes, You understand we are but sheep.

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