Cool crisp air breathing down

her naked back; leaves caught

in her tangled hair. Disarrayed

and vulnerable, she jolts

to consciousness to find her legs

covered in blood, her feet

submerged in the swampy edge

of a muddy pond bank. Whistling

echoing noises of forest beasts

ring in her ears. She hastily jumps

to her feet and runs and runs,

stabbing holes in the soles of her feet

with twigs and rocks and other

miscellaneous things. Naked, raped and

abused she reaches a street made

of dust and dirt, hoping to find

a soul to save her but no one

is near. Weak and desolate she

frantically limps down the road

in pain, breathing heavy with fear

and exhaustion; looking for any sign

of human existence. Collapsing

out of breath she moans and reaches

for the sky: as if clutching onto

an angel’s embracing hand. And seconds

before her last lung contraction

a 1956 pickup truck wheels around

the corner, clearly driven

by a drunken fool, bounces over her body,

plummets into a ditch and

bursts into flames, scorching

fifty acres of nature.

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Chelsea N.'s picture

lol, this was an..interesting piece of work? It's amazing how our minds tend to think sometimes eh'?

Anonymous's picture

Holy Shit this is badass. As you read this you find yourself racing through the poem uncontrollably, unable to stop or even slow down. You are inside this woman's mind, on an accelerating, chaotic path to her destiny. Just as you feel that your emotions and energy are spent, the truck somes from no where, sending another surge of adrenaline through your body, jolting your mind, since, instead of resolution, the piece has reached a fatal, stunning climax. WOW!!!!