Blinded by the salt

Why do I stand alone staring straight down?

I'm looking; I'm waiting to be found

I should really start walking on my way

But I can’t seem to find the day

When will I leave and where will I go

What exactly do I have to show?

I sit down in the middle of this road

I'm carrying nothing yet I've got a load

It starts to rain but I don’t get soaked

My life is dry, my true self cloaked

I look up only to see the darkened skies

I can't blink, there's salt in my eyes.

Clouds fly by and the sun sets and rises

Still I'm sitting by the curb of prizes

Where's my reward of silver and gold?

I don’t deserve any that's what I'm told.

The world grows dark and passes me by

Nobody seems to notice that I'm going to die

I'm already dead, but I'm still breathing

How did the people become so seething?

No care in this world, or in their soul

It's like everyone's crowding around my hole

Can anyone comprehend these pathetic lies?

I guess they're all blind, there's salt in their eyes.


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JUDY HORNER's picture

This poem was awesome-so much like me and how I felt when I was seriously depressed before I met Jesus!

Evening Star's picture

Very deep!I like it!!!
-EveningStar(Sharon Victoria)