His love for us

this heavy burden

on my back

breaks me into tears

pulls me down

onto the ground

accentuates my fears

far beyond outer space

my soul wants to scream

running in place

caught in a dream

is there anyone out there?

to hear my cry

hold my hand

tell no lie?

in the mirror all I see

disgrace and disgust

I cannot be

where else am I accepted now

how can I be loved

in the midst

of a meteor shower

I see a hand reach out

It pulls me with great power

Safely to the side

I arrive

it takes me for a ride

the land below

is soaring past

magnificent glory

none could surpass

what is this spirit going to show?

in my head

eager thoughts flow

through the pearly gates we soar

it whispers to me,

"And there's so much more."

surrounded by an unusual fog

celestial dust enwraps my body

soothing my deepest wounds…

It leads me to a majestic throne

"Don't be afraid. Him you can trust."

then leaves the two of us alone

I gaze up as high

as my eyes can turn

bow to my knees

and worship the One

who reigns the sky

I couldn't believe my eyes

For this was Him

My savior and Lord

this was the moment

All my life to I looked forward

He came down from His seat

and cradled me close

leaned in so that

His face grazed mine

my hair He carefully stroked

gleamed into my awestruck eyes

and this is what He spoke,

"You sought for me

and now I'm here.

I'll never leave your side.

Draw near to me

and I will dry your tears.

Nobody can pry us apart

for you are solely mine.

My love for you

is greater than

all the world combined."

©2002 All Rights Reserved.

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