He saved me

This morn' I watched a radiant sunrise

Tonight a magnificent set

God's glory shining in my eyes

my soul not filled with a one regret

I gave up everything that I had

just to follow my Lord

He saved me from the pits of hell

and from my own discord

The walls I built to hide my face

He broke down in a flash

Showered me with His love and grace

And healed my deepest gash

More thankful I could not be

For what my Savior did

I had fallen down but he lifted me

Even after all those years I hid

He watched me close when my eyes were shut

He held me when I was feeling lonely

He whispered softly in my ears

and told me just how much He loved me

The empty crater that ached my heart

He filled it to the brim

Loneliness at once subsided

The very night I accepted Him

©2002 All Rights Reserved.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thanks to my Savior Jesus Christ who saved me. He took away my depression and filled that empty space with His love and joy. You can experience this joy too, if you'd like please contact me and I'll let you know how.

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