For me, for you, for the whole wide world

My heart is punctured

Slowly leaking out all

My emotions

My soul is dying

And no one cares

No one but God who sews me up

I seek Him through the narrow valley

With the little strength I have left

Panting and struggling

To make my way there

My energy is draining

It's almost gone

I'm not going to make it

Jesus lifts me up

And carries me to the gate

I'm floating on a cloud

God heals my heart

Restores my joy

And gives me faith

I'm so full of gratitude

He saved my life despite my faults

When the world left me in the ditch

On the side of the road to die

Jesus was there; he protected me

When my fuel was running low

He filled me overflowing

He loves me more than I can imagine

If ever a doubt should pop in my head

I'll remember the cross and how his blood he shed

For me, for you, for the whole wide world

©2002 All Rights Reserved.

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