What if I were to take that risk?

~13~ Love and Loss

Can you look at me for a minute?

Your eyes I must see

Should I whisper I love you?

Or just let it be?

We've done it before,

Could we do it again?

We go so far,

But stop before the end

If I drowned in the river,

Would you give me your breath?

Or lay me out on the bed

And leave me for death

How would you react?

If I were to give you my heart

Run away from our friendship

And let us drift apart?

There's so much I wish to say

And do

I forbid to if I should screw up

And end up losing you.

What if I were to take that risk?

And show you my universe

I wouldn’t want our magic

To suddenly disperse

But it's probably not possible anymore,

You've got a new life

And my mistakes will continue

To stab me like a knife

Just remember though, I'll always be near you

Even when I've fallen behind

I'll wait for you until the day

You forgive me for the pain I grind.

©1999 All rights reserved.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A love poem about my best friend who turned out gay. I'm not very good at love poems. My specialty would be depression I think.

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