Stop breaking my mind

Stop breaking my mind

Give me time

To reconcile my wounds

Blasted fumes water my eyes

Weltering over the dunes in my room

Spitting up pieces of broken glass

Raising my eyes to the creases

Which elaborate my shallow walls

Crouching behind a rusted bowl of soup

In which I never ate

Lingering beneath this raggedy shawl

It patiently waits

To jar my emotions around

Like bait on the hook of a fishing rod

All the while I silently pray to God

Argue within myself over his existence

Will He forgive my habitual pretense?

My demons begin chanting their ritual

And hop about like ranting fools

Taunting me and flaunting me

What ever will I do?

Sinking into this sour full pool

Swaying back and forth

Like dynamite ready to explode

Meager ideas implode on my brain

Driving me insane


And then without a prayer in hell

I curl up, wither up, smother up and die.

©2001 All rights reserved.

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