Pinch of Fear

-2- Secular Poetry

Trudging down this worn remote path

Fumigated by mother earth's wrath

The wind grabs me by its futile grip

Flings me around like an old whip

Overshadowing trees eye me as I pass

Creatures giggle and lurk in the grass

Crickets wail my presence to beholders

Headlights denote cars upon the shoulders

With every pinch of fear that I dissolve

My legs scurry faster beyond my resolve

Dirt wraps around my icy cold hands

My mind wonders what lies in the lands

Fear pervades my ears, my throat my soul

I can't seem to free myself from this hole

Frantically I dig but I get covered more so

Spirits howl with rapture at my undying woe

Gasping for air and truth from within

Suddenly I notice warmth in the wind

Her hair is of gold and flutters like the sea

She speaks "if you want life, reach out to me"

"But if you deny love, forget all mirth

And if be it so, I'll pray your rebirth."

The words spin around in my inutile mind

Debating my fate with a surreal design

I yearn for her hand but dread to look back

I want to live again, but there's something I lack

Her eyes twinkle profoundly like crescent moons

Her aura is mute but I'm drawn to her rune

Pleading for help I cannot decide

I've to do something no more will I hide

Awaiting patiently above the rift

Realizing that I'm starting to drift

Mother earth yells with a distinct helpful roar

By lighting the sky to show me what soars

Heaven submerses the sky in ravishing form

And guides me to conquer my innermost storm

Immediately I reach out to take a hold of my friend

Disregard all worries, which die anyway in the end

Her hand felt like silk as it touched mine

Lifted me up and revealed what was in-line

At last I'm liberate, no longer recluse

My heart is discovered and finally in use

My eyes radiate that glee in my essence

Love is finally in my presence

Throughout my struggle for pure ecstasy

I realized the secret to overrule misery

In order to obtain inner peace, my dear

You've got to outwit that pinch of fear.

©2001 All rights reserved.

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