The End of a Beautiful Relationship

~13~ Love and Loss

I look at you and see nothing

I feel nothing

When I'm around you my soul is empty and estranged

What ever happened to the laughter we exchanged?

I touched your heart

As you did mine

But we split apart as the closeness ripped between

The strength of our love, created hate too strong to redeem

My heart reaches out

But you just want to let me go

Every time I open my mouth to whisper my emotions

The dominant fear in my stomach, hits me like an explosion

The days without you

Have grown lonely

I yearn for the affection we used to share

If only you cared

It hurts too much to look at you

Knowing you don't feel the same

Oh, why did I close the door,

And shut you out before?

But why didn’t you fight for me?

You never tried to hang on...

Each day we drifted further apart on the river of solitude

You went on with your journey as if I weren't important to you

Maybe I never was...

I loved you more than the feeling itself

But I was merely a book to you

Too trifling to read and back on the shelf..

Then you blamed it all on me

I was the one who ruined it all

I was the one who crushed our friendship

You told everyone it was my fault you were in pain

You did this all in vain

I knew then that it could never be the same

I had mixed feelings for you for so long

Hatred, love, feelings of betrayal..

It took me forever to get back on the trail

The trail to regain happiness and trust...

But I realize now it was just lust

that you had for me

And nothing more...

At the beginning I deceived myself into thinking

That what we had was in God's grip

But it was just the end of a beautiful relationship...

And even now that we've departed...

I'll never forget how it all started...

There will always be times in my life

down the road that I'll think of you

You took up more than half of my heart

and though I'll never see you again,

the memory of you will never part...

I'm sorry if I did anything to hurt you

I forgive you, I love you, I'll miss you...

©2000 All rights reserved.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about an ex-boyfriend, who after we broke up was my best friend for a long time...

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