Stitches in my heart

When do you think they'll dig me up and open the casket?

Let me free I really don't like these worms crawling in my face.

Put me back in my little baby carriage; rock my basket.

If I had seen this much life before I was alive

I would've picked a cloud in heaven to stay on eternally.

You can't be strong if you become everyone's sidewalk,

Those dirty shoes are going to crack your body.

And what are you going to do about it? Nothing

When I was only a kid I asked why is the sky blue?

Yesterday I saw a child; he asked why is the sky gray, mommy?

And I looked up to the clouds and laughed.

Filthy cold-hearted people polluted my world

And they think the air will blow it all away

And you thought I'd never say this but

People make me sick.

Why do you look at me like I am crazy?

When the only oblivious one to the universe is you.

I opened my mouth and sucked in the atmosphere, not you.

And now everyone is thinking distinctively about what is near

When, in fact, everything is so far away.

One day the earth will grow numb

And become cumbersome  

But until then I'll stay beneath the grass, with roots and the worms

Whenever they decide to dig me up.

I'll be lying there counting the stitches in my heart

As I pull them all apart.  

©1999 All rights reserved.

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