Rainbow, Rainbow

In the sky

Tell me why

The heavens cry

In the castle they're

Locked away

Screaming silently


Dark clouds block

Their glow

But you shine the land

In a radiant flow

You just ignore them

And come out when you please

You act like the sun

But you're merely a breeze

What will you do when the

Heavens die?

And you can't come out and

Reign the sky?

Mirror, Mirror

On the wall

Did you shatter;

On your fall?

Did you get glass

In your eye?

You poor little soul,

Poor little fly

Thousands of pieces

All over the ceiling

Sweep up the mess

Don’t look so reeling

Oh, I see

You can't reach

Is it too high for you?

You devil's leech?

Gloat elsewhere

In hell to rot

Some things aren't

As lovely as I thought.

©1999 All rights reserved.

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cornaflakegrrrl's picture

Woah there... what a way to release!! I liked the flow and the references...and the jolt of suprise - I'd expected a 'hearts and flowers' approach to the title... been watching too many Hallmark movies of late methinks...lol
Good stuff!
- Essie =)