*°؛°* Turn Around *°؛°*

It was another normal day

the school bus dropped me off

and I walked the mile down the road

towards my shelter of abuse and scoff

lifted the latch of the rusty gate

I’ve walked through many times

grew nervous as I drew closer

yet briefly calmed by the wind chimes

I pondered whether or not

I should step inside

when a voice in my head called out,

“Fear not, I’m by your side.”

My parents are fighting again

The house was in a clutter

My mom was crying out in pain

and all I could do was shudder

I’m only ten years old

so I hide away in my room

“Lord,” I pray, “make them stop.

I don’t want to live in all this gloom.”

And then two months later

My mother was gone

and that very night she’d left

I screamed to the Holy One

“Don’t take her away from me

She's the only thing I've got

No one else protects me like her

Survive with out her? I could not.

I barely know this man, my dad

But what I do know

he’s abusive and cruel…

Please don’t make her go.”

I was on my knees

and drenched with tears

But God clearly said I'd be better off

And would understand in a few years.

“This is not what I wanted

You’re being unfair!”

I cried with all my heart

"I hate you, you can’t possibly care!”

I packed up my bags and started to flee

I convinced myself there was no God

and that no one in the world loved me

I turned to temptation and lived in sin

Anything to escape this pain

I was so sad I couldn’t even lift my chin

I felt my life was completely vain

This empty void I tried to fill

Nothing seemed to work

The grief never seemed to stop

It continued to stab me like a fork

I thought I had reached the end

There was no where left to go

No one to turn to that seemed to care

If I disappeared who would know?

Then all of a sudden I remembered God

and how he spoke with me as a child

I decided it was time for me to return

and repent from this life so wild

But how could He re-accept me so bare?

How could He forgive me,

after blaming Him for my despair?

And just as I was hopelessly sobbing

there came a tap upon my shoulder

I jerked in surprise, my heart was throbbing

Despite this great fear weakening my knees

I gathered the courage and stood strong

I turned around and there was God

He’d been behind me all along.

©2001 All Rights Reserved.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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fighter4life's picture

This is an amazing piece, I love it.

Nicole J. Leja's picture

So powerful! This is a great narrative poem, that really made you want to read all the way through. I think we all need to be reminded of His presence and encouragement sometimes. You did a great job of it!!

Chelsea N.'s picture

I could be in tears myself because of that awesome ending...
So often we forget that God is right behind us, calling out our names...
I wastold this once
"When we have taken 10 steps away from God, He has already taken 9 steps back to us. The last step is ours, and all we have to do is turn around."

justme4him's picture

thank you so much Naomi fr sharing the wonderful story of God in your life. I praise him and thank him, for your Life.
keep going on

Travis Kuntz's picture

This is a very inspiring poem and I have to say this is one of the best religious poems I've read in a long time! I especially liked the ending!
God's behind all of us! Thanks for reminding me!

Evening Star's picture

That's so cool,how you put your testomony in the form of a poem.Your poetry really inspires me,I've browsed much of it today.It's great,God's given you an awesome gift.Keep using it!