My Bleeding Heart

Well there's this haunting image that racks my brain

It's starting to drive me insane

I live with my father, yet I live alone

That feeling that creeps up on me only when I stop dreaming

My body hungers for something other than food

Everyday is like the next

I think my soul has been hexed

Every person I open my heart to

They slam the door back in my face

...and shut me out of my own place

I'm shivering standing in this unloving rain

And puddles of tears soak through the soles of my shoes

The world is so quiet and dark; the moon isn't even out

A slight gust of wind just carries away my last breath

I keep staring straight ahead, my vision blurred by the pain

And despairingly all I see is a tunnel filled with fog

I close my eyes and crumble to the ground

Weeping over the deprivation I have encountered

The betrayal and lies that created my bleeding heart

The thickness of rejection that cut my throat

I'm suffocating down here in this sewer

and wallow in anguish as the world drives by above me

The rain adds on to the flooding water

It washes me away like debris

I try to cling onto the side but I'm too weak

My hand slips and to the bottom I sink

What have I done to lose my safety line?

As I take one last look at the surface of my life

I see everyone I've ever loved and cared for

Waving goodbye as they watched carelessly

Not an emotion in their eyes, or expression on their faces

Could it be they were as dead inside as I was?

The only thing I realized as I sank to the bottom was

My loved ones didn't let me die; Instead I killed myself.

©2000 All rights reserved.

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Yvonne Coffey's picture

Hi ,
I just read this poem and think it`s great . I must agree with to be alone sucks... I know what it is . . . I like the way you express your feelings. . . keep up the good work and stop by my site sometime.