Lovesick to death, black to death
Addicted to pain slowly killing me inside
I walk in this world alone talking to myself
On my lonesome I’m king of nothing but my failure
Depression I can’t seem to shack this pain

The world loves thing of beauty and intrigue
These two things I’ve never have known
Beauty, confidence, always passes me by
Couples and love I see as I walk all alone
I’ve lived with this damage to long

I cannot be molded a cannot control this
This feeling that’s always been in my heart
I’ve never done no wrong I don’t deserve these laws
If there’s any sins please god separate them from me heart
Take away that’s ugly in me

I walk alone in this coupled world
Maybe I don’t want to be found
Just let me die alone in peace
I’d rather die alone then live a pathetic lonely life

Why can’t they look at me and see what I see
Why can’t they feel like I feel
I never see them hurt
Why they can’t hurt like I hurt
Why must I die for you like your ugly to


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