i am a prisoner

shackled by your pain

bound by your insecurities

loosing what is left of me

your experiences are far few than

my own

rivers left dry

by my own doing

no longer can i endure

your heartless

thoughtless words

tearing me down

like an abandoned building

i stand

next to no one

i am dissipating

like the dry ice

in my jack-o-lantern

on Halloween

unmasked by your childishness

you rip into me

making me feel less than the woman

i know i am

the woman i worked hard

to be

i regurgitate you

again and again

unable to be rid of your poison

killing me softly

so slowly

i look in the mirror

wonder where i went

so quickly

sifting thru the ruins

of my past


and future

here i sit


reading the witting on the wall

i ask who is the fairest of them all?

it certainly isn't you

i know it isn't me

i grab what's left

because you've killed

the rest

hurtful words

countless goodbyes


i even cried

and i don't really know why

Author's Notes/Comments: 

waiting to exhale

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