questioning the truth of myself

i am your lost lover

i am the one you dismiss

with catty eyes

and no goodbyes

i cry tonight

wanting you here

a girl interrupted with truths and lies

nothing left

no fight inside

confused by my own sexuality

straighten by my bottle

of discovered wine

hearts divided  

hearts combined

you look at me with certainty

as though i am the one for you

but in the end I'm traveling on

a road of transgressions

and untold truths

houses torn down thru time

i cant say if I'm here nor there

i wonder what as gotten me here

to this point of your no return

to this heartbreak sure to come

i am a girl lost in your smiles

craving what has been forbidden

ashamed of what i might be feeling

effects of port and wine

killing my thoughts

invading my mind

reading into my reality

questioning what's meant to be

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