crowded rooms

cigar smoke

toking on stuff that take

us beyond comprehension

choking on all our


connected by our addiction

to each other

forbidden pleasures

and this is how

you remind me of

where I'm supposed to be

and how I am living

lost between translations

the writting is on the wall

blasted in colors of the rainbow

consumed by allegations

crystal balls

and waterfalls

waves of mixed emotions

Take me to unforeseen places

grab hold

lets fly tonight

leave this place far behind

fall in love

loose track of time

making memories of times

I was yours

and you were mine

I'm swimming in a pool

of misery

by my own


knowing what I want

is just around the bend

trying to heal a broken


struggling for years to mend

broken dreams

everything is never

what it seems

tearing apart

by the seams

silent screams



knows what I mean

Author's Notes/Comments: 

mixed emotions

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Misha B's picture

So well done and beautifully said. You've touched on a universal theme here. I really enjoyed your words.

write on...