sitting on this lonely barstool

tears swell in my eyes

but I wont cry

candlelight's illuminates the crowded bar

and I'm here all alone

alone is nothing new to me

a familiar kind of pain

here we go again

emotions feel all the same

mom is on the phone again

claiming how she cares

but in the end

I'm here alone

lost without a friend

johnny cash

ring of fire

plays in the background

george bush is on the TV

talking about things

i can't understand


serve me again

the bottle has always been my friend

news papers

filled with war


and mothers killing children

so much pain

in this world today

peoples homes no longer


turmoil on american soil

tsunami's in Japan

but here on this lonely


i stand

facing my own storms

fists balled hands.

that is... after i set

down my empty glass

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