the train and time machines



and oh so tired

a weight on my shoulder

winter is getting colder

I need my turtleneck

my flannel pajama's

a cup of joe

and a good book to

keep me home

I'm tired

I just want to rest

head on west

and watch the sun go down in peace

I been on this train awhile


my companion lost at sea


but if life had

time machines

and ways to undo the past

id flag down

the conductor

ticket in my hand

"take me back a little ways

as quickly as you can"

but those are dreams

we have both built in sand

and its sad

not just for you and I

other people lost their


and were robbed of their smiles

for countless blames

of both our shames

we ran and ran for miles

so here we walk


unsure which way to go

a bridge with a toll

stands in view

neither of us can afford

to walk thru

I'm crying

I thought I was done

but somehow its different

like a distant memory

of another life

walls I thought

I could never build

are holding strongly now

a hardening of my heart

I prayed for

back when I believed in God

I sit here in my sadness


something great lies between us

and it was taken all away

and there are no time machines

no conductor to flag down

no ticket in my hand

so I will drink

beneath my tears

think of you when we yell


and throughout my life

always always remember you

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Lavish Sterling's picture

i really think this might be the best poem you've ever written. and that's not just my narcissism talking.