i feel like im battling myself these days

a hard fight to win


i am my own worst enemy

what a cliche

chalk it up with the rest i guess

its hard to keep my mouth closed

i play the victim a lot it seems

a victim of my own doing

more accurately put


afraid of failing

afraid of succeeding

afraid of life being boring

afraid of being sober

i find comfort in an empty glass

ok, maybe three empty glasses

i find comfort in your arms too

but i see fear in your eyes and

distant i can't cope with

so i just turn away

im tired of trying to read

the expressions on your face

trying to stay ahead in this game

tired of the fighting

tired of the trying

tired of the lack of love we seem to withhold

tired of the "i told you so's"

tired of this shit

cuz its getting old

tired of not drinking when i want

tired of smoking all this pot

tired of the unwillingness to change

tired of how things same the same

tired of my job i love and hate

tired of doing it all for someone else's sake

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