contradicting: about a boy


with your boyish ways

defusing the love that tries to grow

I'm chasing you away

like I've never chased before

you've become the guinea pig

to doing what is right

I ignored your calls tonight

and just wished you were here

I know I contradict

confuse you just a bit

imagine how I feel

I'm the one who goes thru

this shit

from one minute to the next

I feel the noose tighten

and loosen around my neck

and its I who is holding the rope

of discontent

I'm sober today

I was sober yesterday

and the things that were fun


aren't so joyous now

but hey what can you I say

I'm No ordinary chick

living no ordinary way

just trying to mantain my sanity

each and everyday

so say what you will

we argue so much still


connections lost

differences of lifestyles

you say its not

but what am I to believe

for so long now it's only been just me

unable to trust my own instincts

unable to read

your intentions

waiting for your deceptions

I know its frustrating to you

to see everything I put myself thru

I just need your patience

your understanding

give me room to breath

the air can be so thick

you can cut it with a knife

the daily struggle of the drama

I call life

you recoginize too

we've been in the same school

call it the hard knocks life

call whatever you want

just see it thru is all

I need from you

I cant promise you tomorrow

I can only give you today

I know you want more

but I also know

you feel the same way.

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about a boy

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