I've got another drink

in my cold hand

seems like I am

here too often




toking on too much

of everything

forgetting more

than I am remembering

tap tap


testing one..two...three

can anyone in this

rescue me?

I'm running way too fast

not looking around

at what surrounds me

but have been on this path before

not knowing where I'm headed

unable to recall where I've been

with the wind calmly blowing

its a quiet before the storm

or its the peace right after

I cant exactly say yet

the sun is still glowing

with the moon slowly rising

behind me

displaying the shadows of the past

and the horizon up ahead

thoughts run through my

throbbing head

another shot in my hand

running fast

my feet cant stop

for miles

for miles

time is a ticking clock

and I'm so cautious

when I know I should just



unable to believe

unable to give

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