can u hear the wind

the song that it sings

synchronized with the water

that streams under the bridge

the sky is dead

the earth is moist

the sadness has left

so have the tears i cried

all is left behind

water under the bridge

is my new lullabye

lullabye lullabye

for you

for me

for the uncertain

water streams beneath my feet

and i am cold

but i am not weak

and its okay today

its okay this week

and the wind sings softly to me

the sky is open

it breaths me in

consumes me with its colors

swoons me with a grin

and your kiss that you gave me

tells me i am alive again

lullabye tell me how to live

arms spread open

willing to embrace

sing to me the lullabye

with the wind on my face...

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good shit, woman. it's your best yet.