Mirror Mirror

How can you leave me sitting here

in this cell far away from everyone,

caught inside internal hell.

I toss my thoughts and pull one out..

I can't figure out what my head is talking about.

Jumbled thoughts, crossed signs..

the cancer of my memeories are eating up my mind.

I'm reaching out, my words ignored

Loss and tossed, my soul is torn.

It's too late to plead and beg

your selfishness and hypocrisy are your left and right legs.

Were you not in your corner of truth?

Suffering for your sins of youth?  

I remember it well, you must've forgot

Like pick rose petals...

i love you not...

Your greed and your fear you gaurd with masks you keep so near.

Mirror mirror on the wall

What's the biggest lie of all?

The lies kept deep within,

the ones you listen to

the ones you live.

You cannot take more than I let you.

How could I be so stupid?

How could I be so blind?

Chains of love shackled to my wrist

the fantasy you offered suddenly covered in mist.

Can you hear my silent screams?

Can you tell me what it means?

Mirror mirror on the wall

Who can I turn to who can I call?

Bound by love, tied to pain

all the emotions feel the same....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For the man who is tied to my memories, my thoughts, a life I created...

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