Infliction of Pleasure

1..2..3..drops 4...

Why do i seek pleasure in shooting my life out the door?

Watching as it settles in a spoon

drawing it in to be served soon.

The sharpness of the pain goes as quickly as it came.

Such a small price to pay to make my body explode way?

I can taste the hunger between my parted lips

closing my eyes as the rush reaches my hips.

The energy begins to soar reminding what i do it for, wanting more.

Can you see me?

Do you recognize?

Do you see one to one when looking in my eyes?

It's like a whole other breed in this life we lead

Wanting what we crave, convinced somehow we need.

Addiction never let's us win fighting its way back to us again

Infliction with pleasure until the very end.....

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Good really good
I wonder why none has criticized this piece!!
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