The Outcast

Eric kept mostly to himself. Other children didn't like to play with him, but he didn't care. Instead he used to go into the woods and collect frogs.

He never had to look for them. They came to him. He pretended he was their king. He imagined he looked like them. But not really... He was bigger and a lot more dangerous.

He did quite well in school even though he seemed strange to others. Occasionally someone tried to bully him but it wasn't any fun. Eric just stood there without any reaction.

Afterwards, he used to stand in the schoolyard and stare at those who had tried to bully him. Although they didn't admit it, this made the bullies afraid. Eric's
look was so strange. Empty, cold and...dead.

Eric knew he was different, but didn't have any words for what he was. He figured he must have been adopted, because his parents wasn't like him.

In the night time he was under the water. He swam with speed and skill. His destination was a sunken city. A city with buildings very unlike those on earth.

Dark and chaotic buildings, with a geometry that would have been impossible to depict on paper. These dreams would have made most people wake up screaming, but not Eric. Instead, he was sad the dream was over.

One night the dream didn't end. Suddenly Eric was outside the place he lived, but everything was different. The sky was completely black and alien stars shone there.

In front of him was the beach and the ocean. Cliffs towered at the sides and all was shadows and silver grey. The ocean was calling him. He looked at his feet, and noticed the webbing between his toes.

Into the sea, into the darkness he threw himself. Finally he was coming home.

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