A Beautiful Farewell

My consciences lost in the depths of my subconscious, deciphering the meaning between truth and motive. Confused logic enquiring about the shadows cast by votive candles. A vow for inner peace cast astray, promising to disallow any self righteous turmoil a simple release. Focus lost in a self fabricated concentration camp, joy heavily saturated in misguided degradation. Systematic complaints poisoning my rationality, leaving traumatic scars that cast restraints on my personality. Searching for tomorrow in the clues of today, sickness emerging to let me borrow the tools for my decay. A depression that has no beginning only an end, feeding off my minds transgression refusing to allow it to mend. Withering away until doubt is masked as trust, I feel hope slithering away as if tasked with a greater lust. Slipping deeper into a manifested abyss, the reaper has ingested all that left me feeling remiss. Illustrated farewells merely entertain the ego of others, my reasoning elucidated by my unwillingness to sustain life with my brothers. As I approach six feet do not mourn as it's too late, I rest as easy as a stillborn baby who's answered to fate.

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